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The Come Up (Urban Movie)


Detroit Reality TV – The makers of “Hood Chicks” has brought you another blockbuster film.
Everything is good when you’re making money but what happens when illegal gains turn into prison time?

Follow an ex-felon as he fights temptation after temptation in an attempt to become successful in an environment set up for him to fail.

Starring an ALL STAR CAST:
Carl Payne (Cole from “Martin”)
Haha Davis
Spanky Hayes (from Wild’n Out)
Ashei Khan (#TheFameGod)
Cash Kidd
Martell Lane (Buffed Up)
DayDay Badass
Nona Malone
Sumiese (“Hood Chicks”)
Aye Money
Rj Blazer

95 Series [Season 1, Episode 10] (Web Series)


The first part of the Episode 10 Season Finale.
95 is the newest, most controversial series on the internet. This series is all about scandal, corruption, greed, and violence; hallmarks of the East Coast’s largest trafficking corridor. This non stop action thriller will have you at the edge of your seat. Set in the “Interstate 95” area but based out of Newark NJ, 95 exposes the in-depth workings of the criminal underworld, and it’s reach to the heights of the power structure.

Reserve Notes (Urban Movie)

“A Three man hustle face the consequence of a bold heist”

Lamont along with his friends Corey and Miguel decide to steal from two Jamaican dealers named Gully and Biggas. What they thought was going to be an easy money getting scheme, leaves them in danger of losing their lives. Lamont stumbles upon a street vendor name Taharka who opens his eyes to the world around him, this encounter has the potential to save Lamont’s life.


The Independent Game (Urban Movie)


This movie is based on a true story. Figg Panamera (JT the bigga figga) moves to Atlanta Ga to bring the knowledge of being Independent to the hungry artist thriving in this region. He is met with opposition from major labels who want to sign these artist to shady 360 deals, also the drug dealers don’t want to lose there workers to the music industry. The drama unfolds with each step as Figg Panamera makes progress in getting the word out. Robbery, Murder and Gang pressure can’t stop The Independent Game. The story takes twist and turns with an unexpected ending.

Directed by JT the Bigga Figga
Screen play by JT the Bigga Figga
Produced by JT the Bigga Figga
Edited by James Wade