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The Come Up (Urban Movie)


Detroit Reality TV – The makers of “Hood Chicks” has brought you another blockbuster film.
Everything is good when you’re making money but what happens when illegal gains turn into prison time?

Follow an ex-felon as he fights temptation after temptation in an attempt to become successful in an environment set up for him to fail.

Starring an ALL STAR CAST:
Carl Payne (Cole from “Martin”)
Haha Davis
Spanky Hayes (from Wild’n Out)
Ashei Khan (#TheFameGod)
Cash Kidd
Martell Lane (Buffed Up)
DayDay Badass
Nona Malone
Sumiese (“Hood Chicks”)
Aye Money
Rj Blazer

Young Boys Inc. (Documentary)

Young Boys Incorporated existed in Detroit between 1978 and the late 1980’s. It’s first major indictment was in 1982. It was the first organized crime group to use juveniles as strategy to evade law enforcement. It’s primary drug was heroin and it is one of the most important and influential black criminal groups in American history… turning teenaers into millionaires and in the words of the noted African-American Sociologist Dr. Carl Taylor “YBI was the group that made selling drugs hip and made killing people Okay.” Motown Records fled Detroit for Los Angeles in 1972 and in the vaccum left in Detroit’s economy and society becoming the “Dopeman” replaced singing for Barry Gordy as the ultimate dream. This segment is from “Rollin: the Fall of the Auto Industry and the Rise of the Drug Economy in Detroit” — “B” was recruited to sell drugs as a teenager and is an original YBI member. During the early 1980’s my mother was a heroin user and we lived on Monterey Street aka “Murder-Ray”… also one of the original stronghold streets of YBI. I know that she bought her heroin from them, perhaps from “B”…. who knows… if you’re interested in knowing more watch “Rollin” on Amazon Prime for free with no commercials or here on

Tee Stuckey Story (Documentary)

A story from the upcoming Al Profit docu-series “Gangster’s Rap”
which will explore the true stories of Gangster’s in the music business.

T. Stuckey formed one of Detroit’s first independent hip hop labels with his cousin Proof of D-12 and Eminem fame. Stuckey was about to sign Eminem before Dr. Dre… but then he became the target for a massive federal investigation that included charges of large-scale cocaine dealing and murders -including the killing of a corrupt police officer.

Blade Icewood Documentary (Documentary)

Blade Icewood was set to be the first gangster rapper from Detroit to blow up on a national scale. Tone “AK” Scott produced many of his most well known songs, and I teamed up with AK (who also worked with me on the T Stuckey Story) to bring the “The Preview Volume 2: The Blade Icewood Story” this uncut interview features K-Deezy- one of Detroit’s most well known underground artists talking about the life, times, and death of the Great Lakes Ruler Darnell “Blade Icewood” Lindsey.

Territory 313 vs. 734 (Urban Movie)

In this tale from the murder mitten, a Detroit native (JoiRida) attempts to recruit the a Ypsilanti native (Johnny Bizz) in hopes to have him join the 313 but it didn’t go as planned which causes JoiRida to go on a crazy killing spree and the only person that can stop him is Bizz himself before the entire city is covered in blood.

Directed & Written by JoiRida Cheatham

Starring Dtonio Cheatham, Johnny Bizz, MI Quan, Valentino Smith, Candace P. Hale, Gregory Dockery, Kyle Sammy, L Tha Kid, Mitchell Long.

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