R.I.P. XXXtentacion- Early Interview (Interview)


“A lot of people didn’t know who XXXtentacion was until the he died.  They heard the name, the seen the image and they heard the rumors but the they didn’t know the music.  This kid will be the Bob Marley or Tupac Shakur of this generation.  I’m certain the murderer will not be found as this guy was about to be demise of major music companies and the entire entertainment system.   It will be all types of conspiracy theories surrounding his death, but the truth will reside in the music.  Most certainly one of the deepest and most aware young artist, XXXtentacion will be a name heard for generations to come.

This interview is one of the most informative pieces on the young legend.  If you don’t understand the Tupac comparisons watch the interview.  He’s a guy that never claimed to be perfect, matter of fact, he openly discussed his issues.  He resounded to a lot of people that don’t feel like their voice can be heard.

From GravityTV, Channel95, and I95 Entertainment, or deepest condolences to XXXtentacion’s family, friends and fans.  RIP Young Legend”


Karolina Kang

Ceo of I95 Entertainment



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