Open Space: Peewee Longway (Interview)

“I really can’t explain me being me, cause it’s kinda hard being me,” PeeWee Longway says with a ice-grilled smile. “I just say do your thing. Try to be yourself and unique in your own way…. Definitely don’t follow the Longway style. Uno!” The Atlanta rap genius stopped by MASS APPEAL HQ while promoting his new album ‘Spaghetti Factory’ and spoke about the day Young Thug suggested he get into the vocal booth. “I ain’t never wanted to become a rapper. It was just something God put in my lap. You know how He do.” Since that time he attracted the attention of Gucci Mane and realized rap was “the real way out.” Next up? Collabs with 9th Wonder and ‘Longway Sinatra 2.’ He’s gotta provide for his little daughter the Longway way. In other words, the skies the limit. Check out the latest episode of Open Space right now.

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